Wheel-Track Molding Machine

GD-0703-3 Hydraulic Wheel Track Molding Machine




The hydraulic wheel track molding machine is designed and made as per T0703-2011"Bituminous Mixtures Sample Making Method (Wheel-grind Method)" in the Industry Standard of People's Republic of China JTG E20-2011"Highway Engineering Bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures Test Code". It is suitable to mill bituminous mixtures to molding .It is also suitable to determine the sample making method (wheel-grind method) for other physical and mechanical characteristics of bituminous mixtures.


1. Adopting touch screen to control and display, saving working parameters , operation is simple, and setting is convenient.

2. The process data can be displayed in real time during the test.

3. The device has a self-diagnosis function, and there is a fault code prompts.

4. Pneumatic control is taken to control roller pressure, helping to arbitrarily adjust pressure within the range of (0~20)kN.

5. The height of the test mold can be adjusted within the range of (30~100)mm.

6. The clamping mechanism mounting test mode is advanced, safe and reliable to use.

7. Drum temperature can be arbitrarily set according to the test requirements. It has wide temperature control range, high precision, good stability, and use the PWM modulation method for temperature PID control. The current temperature can be displayed in real time.

8. The rolling forming specimen is divided into two processes, each of which can be automatically completed, reducing the number of operating steps, and basically accomplishing one-click completion.

9. Rolling pressure control is accurate, and the current pressure value can be displayed in real time in the rolling process.


1.  The radius of grinding wheel:  500mm, witth is 300mm

2.  The load control range of grinding wheel compaction line :  (200~700)/cm (can be set up optionally, adjusted to 300 N/cm before leaving the factory)

3.  The load control accuracy of grinding wheel compaction line:  +3N/cm

4.  The temperature controlling range of grinding wheel:  ambient temperature ~200℃

5.  The temperature controlling accuracy of grinding wheel:  +5℃

6.  Compaction times :  12 times/min ±1 time/min

7.  Test mode specification:  300mm*300mm*(30~100)mm

8.  External dimensions:  1200mm*700mm*2000mm

9.  Total weight:  350kg

10.  Working gas source:  nominal volume flow: 40L/min, rated discharge pressure: 0.7Mpa

11.  Power supply:  AC380V, 50Hz, 300W (three-phase four-wire system ,with zero line)



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