Wheel-Track Molding Machine

GD-0719 Automatic Wheel Track


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The instrument is used to test the wheel-track against capability of bituminous mixtures in high temperature .It also can us as the assitant tester of match design for bituminous mixtures .All technical index and test method conforming to the testing gauge and requirement of bituminous mixtures wheel-track test T7019-2011 in the standand JTG E20-2011. 


Main technical specification and parameters

Mill speed:(42+1)time/min(singe journey)

Moving distance of testing dolling:(230+10)mm

Rubber rigidity of mill pinoin (international standand):(78+2)[(0.7+0.05)Mpa(meeting pressure of the mill pinoin and sample in 60。C)]

Sample measurement:300*300*50(mm)

Displacement measure range :(0-30)mm

Displacement measure accuracy :<0.01mm wheel-track testing time:(60-240)min(randon preset)

Temperature control range of content temperature box (set arbitrarily) :room temperature-80。C

Temperature control accuracy:+0.3。C

Power supply:380V,50HZ,3.5KW


Scientific research type

Science and research model:for dip water test preheating 4 test mould wheel rotational driving.



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