Wheel-Track Molding Machine

GD-0719A Automatic Wheel Track Tester (Research Type)



1. PWM temperature control. It can control :

(1)Water temperature in chamber during water immersed wheel track test

(2) Ambient temperature of constant temperature chamber at a time.

2. The constant temperature chamber adopts outside circulatory heating mode. The uniformity and stability is good. No overshoots.

3. It shows time- displacement curves and time- temperature curves during a test.

4. It equips an absolute temperature sensor. No temperature drift in a long time test.

5. The mechanical structure adopts wheel movement mode.

6. One wheel tester. It can determine both water immersion test or no water immersion test.


Main technical specifications


1.Sample size:   300mm×300mm×(30~200)mm (Grinding wheel molding)

                                 300mm×15mm×50mm(Cutting on site)

2. Working mode:        Rod drive

3. Rubber hardness:      78±2 at 60℃,international standard.

4. Test wheel movement:  230mm±10mm

5. Grinding rate:   (42±1)times/min (21 times of returns/min);

6. Loading device: (0.7MPa~1.3 MPa)±0.05Mpa when CPRESS is at 60℃.

7. Displacement measuring range:    0mm~30mm

8. Displacement measuring accuracy:   <0.01mm

9. Wheel track test time:   60 minutes~240 minutes. 60 minutes is standard.

10. Temperature controle for constant temperature chamber: Ambient temp.~80℃,precision ±0.3℃.

11. Deformation measurement:   Precision 0.3%,minimum division 0.005mm.

12. Test temperature:   45℃~85℃, precision 0.5℃

13. Working environment:  Temperature 0℃~50℃,RH ≤90%

14. Drive motor power:  0.75kW,1450r/min;

15. Power supply:  3 phases and four lines. Power 3.5KW, The yellow line is working zero line

16. Dimension:   1510mm×740mm×146mm

17. Net weight:   About 0.5 T



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