GD-0613A Automatic Bitumen Breaking Point Tester




This instrument is used to determine the temperature which a bitumen tends to break rather to flow when cooled and stressed as per standards GB/T 4510 and JTG E20-2011. It can do three tests at the same time in the same environment and calculate the average value.The cooling rate is controlled by computer.


Main technical features

It is controlled by micro computer. The cooling rate is controlled automatically. It automatically timing to bend samples.The test data is shown on the colored LCD and outputted by built-in printer.


Main technical specifications

1. Power supply:      AC(220±10%)V,50Hz

2. Refrigeration mode:     Low temperature circulatory bath

3. Cooling rate:    (1±0.5)℃/min

4. Temperature measuring range:     -30℃~25℃

5. Temperature measuring error:      ±0.5℃

6. Steel slice:      41mm×20mm×0.15mm

7. Test samples:    It can determine 3 samples at the same time.

8. Ambient temperature:     Room temp. ~+30℃

9. Relative humidity:          ≤85%

10.Power consumption:     450W(breaking point tester)+ 1600W(low temperature circulatory bath)

11.Overall dimension:        500mm×400mm×570mm(breaking point tester)


Note: We can customize the breaking point tester with measuring range:-40℃~25℃



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