Relay Protection Tester

GDJB-III Relaying Protection Tester




1. DC voltage relay test

2. DC current relay test

3. AC voltage relay test

4. AC current relay test

5. High current injection

6 Time counter in relay test

II.Technique index:

1. DC voltage output: 0~350V continuous adjustable, output capacity: 960VA

2. AC voltage output: 0~380V continuous adjustable, output capacity: 400VA

3. DC current output: 0~10A continuous adjustable, output capacity: 80VA

4. AC current output: 0~10A 0~100A, capacity: 1000VA

5. Volt ampere feature test: voltage 0~240V current 0~5A

6. AC short circuit voltage analog output

7. DC voltage selection output (it can be applied as the operation power of static relay) Output Voltage: 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V, all the output current is 0.4A

8. Device precision: 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS

9. Time counter: 0~9999s

10. Time counter resolution: 1ms

11. Power supply:AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz/60Hz

12. Environment temperature: 0~50°C

13. Size: 550´410´340mm3

14. Weight: 33kg

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