GDYJ-503 Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester



I.General introduction

   1.GDYJ-503 is developed according to the national standard GB-86 Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Testing Method .

   2.The tester can test three cups of oil at the same time.LCD screen can display test procedure and test result.

   3.All the human interaction operations complete by the rotating mouse .

   4.It is very easy for customers to measure the breakdown voltage of all kinds of oil by GDYJ-503.

   5.You can print the test result by the micro printer internal the tester. Of course, you can upload the test data to PC from RS232 for data analyzing.

   6.The special circuit design makes the tester has a good performance at stability and anti-noise.



1 Breakdown test of user-defined

2 Proof test

3 Calibration interface for customers

4 Unloading data to PC and making word report automatically.

5 Result print


III.Technique index

1 Input voltage: AC 220V±10%

2 Output voltage: AC 0~80KV

3 Make a choice and combination at random between A,B and C cup.

4 Rate of voltage rise: 2KV/s±10%

5 Measuring precision: 3 class

6 Times: 1-6

7 Mixing time: 0~99 second 

8 Placing time: 0-9 minute 59second

9 Save 50 groups of data

10 Voltage limit setting for proof test: 20KV----70KV

11 Hold time for proof test: 0minute -----10 minutes

12 Environment temperature: 5-40℃    

13 Relative humidity ≤80%RH

14 Size: 420×380×410mm3    

15 Weight: 28kg

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