GDJ-II Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester



1.1 General introduction

- GDJ-ⅡInsulating Oil Tester is produced according to IEC60156 Standard .

- The parameters are set in advance with the adjusting switch and then the instrument strictly works on the basis of the preset parameters.

- After doing one test, the results can be printed if you want.

- This instrument has a series of characteristics, such as strong anti-jamming, simple operation, sound&light warning.

1.2 Technical index

1. Input voltage: AC 220v

2. Output voltage: AC 0—100kv

3.Voltage rising rate: 2kv/s±10%

4. Test precision: 3.0grade

5. Testing times: 1---9 times,

   Stir time: 0---99seconds,

  Waiting time: 0---9 minutes and 59 seconds

6.Temperature: 5---40℃,  relative humidity:≤90% RH

7.Size: 420mm*325mm*300mm, Weight:28kg

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