GD-0655 Emulsified Asphalt Storage Stability Tester




    The instrument is designed and made as per T0655 “Emulsified Asphalt Storage Stability Test” in the Industry Standard JTJ052 Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering. It is suitable to determine storage stability of emulsified asphalts.


Technical parameters

1. Glass test tube:

(1) Effective height: 310±10 mm;

(2) Marked line: 250 ml;

(3) Sample inlet: Φ32±0.1mm;


Main structure and characteristics

1. The pedestal is made of chrome-plated steel plate of 10 mm, it is stable and reliable.

2. The clamps for glass test tube is unique and it can be adjusted ups and downs;

3. Its structure is reasonable and beautiful.



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