GD-0624 Tenacity Tester




It is suitable to test the tenacity and toughness,as per standards SH/T 0735-2003 and T0624-2011 in JTG E20-2011.Moreover,being matched with a PC and software ,it can draw load changing curve,calculate the tenacity and toughness automatically and print test report.


Main technical characteristics

1.The test and test results caculation procedures can be completed using a laptop,so it is convenient.

2.It is equipped with an A4 printer ,so it can automatically print out load-deformation curve,and tenacity of asphalt.


Main technical specification

Drag speed:500mm/min 

Max drag force:100N

dragging force un-linear error:<0.5%

Dragging force sampling interval:0.5mm

Displacement measurement range:610mm(requirement of stand)



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