GD-2801E Penetrometer




This instrument is designed and made as per T0604-2011 Penetration Test for Bituminous Materials in JTG E20-2011 Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering and ASTM D5 Standard Test Method for Penetration of Bituminous Materials. It is suitable to determine the penetration of pavement petroleum asphalt, modified asphalt,Liquid petroleum asphalt and emulsified asphalt. It is also suitable to determine solid particle, powder,colloid and raw-food materials such as cheese, glycine, butter, cream and leavening. It can be widely used in food industry,highway engineering and other industrial departments. 


Main technical features

1. It adopts digital display to show the penetration. Easy to observe.

2. The timing control has two grades being selected at will. The timing control accuracy is high.

3. The lifting crane can be adjusted roughly and finely. It is convenient to adjust and exact to aim.


Main technical specifications

1. Measuring range:   (0~600) penetration

2. Resolution:            0.01mm

3. Timing control:       5s or 60s,can be setted at will,bias within ±0.1s

4. Heating power:       200W

5. Temperature control accuracy:     25℃±0.1℃(Note:The ambient temp. shall not exceed 20℃)

6. Temperature control mode:          Digital temperature controller

7. Water bath:    Hard glass vessel

8. Stirrer:           Automatically stirred by magnetic stirrer

9. Standard needle:    2.5g±0.05g

10.Dimension:           280mm×350mm×700mm

11.Power supply:       AC(220±10%)V,50Hz

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