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GD-268 Petroleum Products Carbon Residue Tester(Conradson Methods)

The instrument is designed and made as per national standard of People¡¯s Republic of China GB/T268 Standard Test Method for Carbon Residue of Petroleum Products by Conradson Method. It is used to determine the amount of carbon residue of petroleum products after evaporation and pyrolysis, so as to check coke forming property of petroleum products.It can also meet requirements of ASTM D189 Standard Test Method for Conradson Carbon Residue of Petroleum Products.
I. Main technical features
1. The design can totally meet requirements of standard GB/T 268.
2. Simple design. Accessories complete. The test can be done as loon as equip civil gas.
II. Main technical specifications
1. Porcelain crucible£º  About 30ml.
2. Inner iron crucible£º  About (75¡À5)ml.
3. Outer iron crucible£º About(190¡À10)ml with cover.
4. Supporter£º   Height: (250¡À10)mm   Bore diameter: §¶(130¡À5)mm
5. Flame shield: Diameter of upper port:§¶(90¡À2)mm
                              Diameter of lower port:§¶(82¡À2)mm
6. Round iron cover:The height of underpart is (50¡«53)mm.
                                   The height of cone  in the middle is (25¡À2)mm.
                                   There is a piece of iron wire as the fire bridge on the top.
                                   The height is (50¡À3)mm.It is regarded as the indicator of max height.
7. Blowtorch£º     It adopts gas torch .
8. Overall dimension£º   §¶130mm¡Á400mm

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